Master of malt code


To celebrate the 30th birthday of one of our web developers Stefan Anton, we asked him a few quick fire questions over a glass of single malt... (from the bottle we gave him for his birthday!)

Q. What do you enjoy most about working in digital media?A. The opportunity to use some of my personal skills and strengths in building things, being analytical and problem solving.

Q. What helps you when problem-solving complex development problems?A. Firstly, I believe seeing and understanding the big picture is very important. This often helps me re-assess and go a better route when the most obvious ones fail. Secondly, I find discussing the issue with a colleague has always worked its magic.

Q. What trends or changes do you see for the web in 2016?A. In my opinion, I believe we'll see better and smoother CSS animations, a lot more JavaScript being used and a better browsing experience on smart watches.

Q. On what sites do you find yourself spending most of your time online?A.,,

Q. Do you have any goals for your 30th year?A. To be a better developer than I was last year!

Q. PC or Mac? A. Mac

Q. What’s your favourite text editor for development?A. My favourite paid program is PhpStorm, and free program is NetBeans

Q. What’s the best food to eat when coding? A. Jacob’s Cream Crackers

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