Web Design Trends 2020


Split screen content

A sleek way to show off two contrasting ideas is to put them right up next to each other. By splitting the page down the centre it can create a visually interesting juxtaposition, whether it's using images, videos, or simply different colours. Add your logo or a call to action in the centre of the page to balance it out and hey-presto, you have an interesting way to display two different ideas in one! You could also use an image on one side and a solid block of colour on the other, or mix up the direction of the split screen.

Overlapping layers

Similar to the above, overlapping content can also be used to show off two ideas or styles at the same time. You could have a bold image or video in the background, usually slightly duller or slower, with another related image or video sitting on top, which is brighter or faster in playback speed. This creates some real visual interest, but it must be designed with caution to ensure it doesn’t get too busy or illegible.

Hand drawn images

Illustrations are becoming increasingly integral to an online identity and are being used to successfully communicate the right tone of voice for some of the web's biggest brands. Hand drawn icons or illustrations can also add that human touch, which can often be missing in our minimalistic, mobile-friendly web world. Illustrations show approachability and help attach emotion to otherwise static content, and whilst it's important to ensure that any illustrations match your branding, they can be especially effective in industries where the subject matter could otherwise feel too technical or dry, allowing businesses to reach out to users in a new way.


Minimalism has been an ongoing trend for a few years now, but it’s really come into its own now. Users want content to be clear and easy to find. Limiting the design to just a few colours and some simple imagery can make your content pop and be easy to read and understand. Keeping your navigation straightforward will also keep your users happy as they will be able to get to where they want quickly.

Voice Optimisation

With most people using or having access to voice technology such as Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant, ensuring your website is accessible by these devices is growing in importance. Using long-tail keywords in your SEO endeavours will help search engines find your website when being accessed through a smart speaker, as they will include more keywords that are relevant to your content and relate to how someone may speak, rather than how someone might type into a search engine.

Implementing Instagram

Social media is a powerful platform to flaunt your brand on, so integrating it into your website could work well for your business. You could start a hashtag campaign to bring images of your product or service and then feature these to show what they look like in real life with real users. This could inspire the user to make a purchase themselves as they can relate to the images and could see themselves using your product or service.

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