The design stage is all about bringing concepts to life and visualising how we can align the business goals and user needs through great design. The beginning of the design stage focusses on conceptual sketching and wireframing, followed by prototyping and the application of high-fidelity User Interface (UI) design.

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Initially produced as sketches, then low-fidelity designs, wireframes are developed as blueprints to demonstrate how pages should be organised and function.

UI Design

The evolution of wireframes into high-fidelity designs where the styles are visualised fully.


Interactivity can be added to a wireframe or finished UI design, making it possible to perform usability tests on the how well the designs actually work in practice, and how well key journeys flow.

Design System

A comprehensive set of guidelines, accessible in your web browser, that specifies how to design in a consistent manner with your digital brand identity. Especially useful for businesses with in-house design teams or multiple 3rd party providers.

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