During the ideation stage of a UX design process, the focus moves onto exploring and challenging how we might solve the problems that have been defined in the previous stage. Using collaboration and creative techniques we can help to identify innovative and effective solutions to usability issues and user needs.

Ways we can help

Ideation Workshops

Collaborative group sessions that help to understand users’ needs and problems, and generate as many creative solutions as possible.

User Journey

Maps Detailed summaries that communicate a visual timeline of users’ thoughts and feelings as they navigate through an interface. Journey maps are an excellent way to summarise all the research findings to-date in a way that promotes understanding and empathy amongst all stakeholders.

Flow Diagrams

Simple diagrams that help to map out how a user should flow through a specific journey and what the interaction cost will be, before any time is spent on visual designs.

Information Architecture

The creation of a clear structure for the way content and features will be organised and labelled in a digital product.

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