UX is a research-based discipline; launching into a design process without conducting research can allow dangerous and costly assumptions to creep into your strategy. It’s important to remember that neither designers, developers or business owners are the target market of your digital product – your users are – and for that reason research must be conducted, both to give users a voice during the design process, and to validate the key decisions that are made.

Ways we can help

Competitive Benchmarks

Detailed reports identifying how your competitors are solving the same problems you have, as well as highlighting any opportunities to outperform them and differentiate yourself.

UX Audits

Detailed analyses on areas of friction in your existing digital product, helping to create a clear roadmap for product development.

User Surveys

Survey are a rapid, scalable and cost-effective way of gathering high-quality insight from your users.

Depth Interviews

The best method of obtaining insight-rich qualitative data from your target market.

Usability Testing

The jewel in the crown of UX research, usability tests are the best way to understand user needs, mental models, and their overall experience when using your digital products.

Stakeholder Interviews

A fast and collaborative way of extracting crucial information from all parties with a vested interest in the success of the product.

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