Brexit Information Rights


With the United Kingdom now having left the European Union, the way we handle information could change now the transition period is over.

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How to use microinteractions to improve engagement


Microinteractions are small animations or signals that occur when a user completes an interaction. If you use a computer or smartphone you might be unaware of the subtle help they provide you with every day as you complete your digital tasks.

This month we take a deeper look at how essential these tiny responses are, that most of us won't even be consciously aware of.

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The psychology behind web design


We often try to put ourselves in our customers' shoes when making decisions about how a website should look or work, hypothesising over what will increase customer engagement and lead to the completion of our website goals.

This month we take a look at how understanding the psychology behind user experience can help provide website owners with a more solid foundation for making key decisions.

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