Why are logos so important and what makes a good one?


Your logo will often form part of customers' first impressions about your business and what initially differentiates you from your competition. Psychological research has shown that something as simple as your logo's shape can influence what customers perceive about your business values and overall proposition.

This month we take a deeper look into whether logos really are as important as people say, and crucially what makes a logo 'good' or 'bad'.

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How to use TikTok to market your business


The social media platform that has taken over around the world, TikTok, uses the power of video to share stories. With the platform proving increasingly effective for marketing, how to use it for business should be something on the radar of business owners.

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Microsoft’s new default font proposals receives visceral social media response


Calibri has been the font of choice for Microsoft products for over 14 years, but they are now looking to replace this with a new font to refresh their branding.

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