360 Launch New App for Albion Fine Foods


360 are proud to announce the launch of a brand-new e-commerce app for Albion Fine Foods, allowing customers to conveniently order high quality food with greater speed and ease than ever before. The app boasts an innovative swipe to order system and synchronises with the website, offering customers a seamless cross-platform route to purchase.

Bespoke App Design

The Albion app went through a fully bespoke design process, beginning with research and competitor analysis, continuing through to high fidelity designs and working prototypes. The app's final design seamlessly integrates aesthetics and functionality, providing users with a visually pleasing and intuitive platform to explore the diverse range of products. Additionally, it was critical that a user-friendly ordering process was implemented, to ensure that customers can effortlessly order and re-order their favourite items.

'Swipe to Order': Intuitive Interaction

At the heart of the new app lies the innovative 'Swipe to Order' feature, designed to add a dynamic element to the user journey. By employing a 'Tinder'-esque swiping effect, users can effortlessly navigate through products and add them to the basket, making repeat purchases a visually immersive and straightforward experience. This innovative feature not only adds some enjoyment to the ordering process but also ensures a delightful user interface for Albion's customers.

Improved UX for Customers

We've meticulously crafted the app's features to enhance user satisfaction at every touchpoint. Including an intuitive navigation system that effortlessly guides users from products, to check out. Additionally, the user's favourites are synchronisation between website and app, as well as push notifications to keep the customers abreast of important updates.


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