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7oaks Clinic is a brand new, state-of-the art dental implant clinic situated in Sevenoaks, Kent. To assist with the launch of the business, 360 were proud to work closely with the 7oaks Clinic team throughout in developing a brand identity and carrying this through to a new website and across a range of marketing collateral.

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An important aspect of the brief for the branding was to position the identity towards a very clean, modern, high-end appeal, even though the clinic’s prices are incredibly competitive. As such, we took a less-is-more approach with the typographic styling and the design of the logo to create an understated, but confident aesthetic. The addition of an icon – in this case a tooth with a number seven cut out of it – increased the visual impact of the overall identity, as well as offered greater branding opportunities in the way we could carry this feature across to other marketing materials and digital channels, such as on social media.

For the colour palette, we identified two primary colours, which we referred to as ‘Space Blue’ and ‘Burnished Brown’. The tones provided good visual contrast while remaining somewhat muted to create an aesthetic that felt professional, without being uninspiring, corporate or bland.

Website Design

It was important that the website communicated the same consistent message that the brand identity was designed to deliver: that 7oaks Clinic offers a high-end quality of service, that they are confident in their expertise, and that they can be trusted with incredibly important procedures. For this reason, the design process followed a similar approach in creating an online experience that would feel clear and enjoyable, whilst keeping key call-to-actions prominent, but not brash.

We knew early on that the clinic would be spectacular and that the website would need to place the imagery front-and-centre. The design approach we adopted continued with a minimalist theme, allowing the clinic’s imagery and strong messaging to display in a clear and uncluttered way.

The new website also features a detailed online referral form to allow dentists to quickly and easily refer patients to 7oaks Clinic, streamlining the time it would take the clinic’s need to process manual applications.

Marketing Materials

To accompany the launch of the business, 360 designed a new brochure and additional in-house materials, including appointment cards and an Implant Passport. Bronze foiling picked out in selective places to replace the ‘Burnished Brown’ colour added an extra touch of luxury.

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