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360 are proud to have worked closely with VJ Technology to design their new business to consumer website, Fixings Store. VJ Technology is a UK leading distributor of fixings, fasteners and building consumables to the construction and infrastructure sector, and with this new commercial website are fully equipped to expand their market. The new website boasts an intuitive design and user-friendly interface, which makes the shopping experience easy and enjoyable for all users.

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Our bespoke process

The Fixings Store website went through a fully bespoke design process. As usual, we started with research, including competitor research to establish the best practises for the industry and how these should influence our approach. Continuing from research, we created sketches, wireframes and eventually high-fidelity designs.

An important aspect of this project was bringing the brand to life. As we were already supplied with the logo, from here we developed the brand identity through the colour palette and typography styling on the website. Using our process, we were able to deliver a final product which not only effectively visualises the brand but, most importantly, delivers an excellent user experience.


Website design

One of the key features of this website is the extensive product range. Fixings Store offers a wide range of fixings and fasteners, including screws, bolts, nails, anchors, and adhesives, as well as power tools and accessories. With numerous products, all with different specifications, it was crucial to design the website into a versatile platform that could efficiently showcase all the different products available.

It was also important to use the brand colours effectively, not only to help establish and strengthen brand identity but to add prominence to important features. For example, Fixings Store’s colour palette is predominantly black and yellow, so we used yellow for call-to-actions as it is bright, and eye catching and helps to guide the user through the website.

Ensuring the website experience is optimal for mobile users was also crucial. As with any website project, we took a mobile first approach, taking the needs of mobile users into careful consideration. This is also best practice for UX and SEO purposes.

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