360 Launch New Website for Hand Picked Hotels


Hand Picked Hotels are a leading luxury hotel group known for their exceptional service and beautiful properties. 360 are proud to have worked closely with them to launch their stunning new website update. The rebuilt website combines elegance and functionality to provide guests with a seamless digital journey from start to finish.

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Elevating the Brand Identity

Reimagining the visual identity was an important part of the website redesign. The new identity has a clean, coherent look that captures the essence of the hotel group. Every visual element, from the colour palettes to the typography and photography, supports Hand Picked Hotels' identity as a luxury brand with timeless values. In order to implement the new branding, the development team worked meticulously to ensure it was applied precisely sitewide.

Enhanced User Experience

The website now has a modern and user-friendly design that allows users to easily navigate through the various pages and access all the information they require. A visually captivating homepage also welcomes users, featuring stunning imagery and an interactive locations map which captures the user's attention and imagination.

A responsive and adaptive website design is also critical to improve the user experience. Therefore, the development team has crafted the site to adjust seamlessly across various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This guarantees that users have an ideal viewing experience regardless of the device they use.

Furthermore, the user interface (UI) of the redesigned website has been created to be intuitive and user-friendly. Through the use of clean and well-structured code, the interface elements are organised logically, enabling visitors to navigate the site effortlessly. Some of these elements include intuitive icons, dropdown menus, and clear calls-to-actions, which have been applied throughout the website to help guide users, in particular through the booking process.

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