5 Minutes With Ryan, Web Developer at 360


What made you want to work in digital media?

Working in an industry that is rapidly and continuously growing makes this a very interesting career. The work never gets too repetitive because you are constantly learning new skills and using new technology. In the future I'm excited to see how development will change and how things will evolve from the way we're doing it today.

What's your prediction for the next big trend online?

A more advanced online clothing shopping experience that shows the user a realistic view of what they will look like in certain outfits. I envisage people being able to pick different items of clothing from multiple clothing websites and bring them together to create digital wardrobes. Also, having the ability to view previous clothing purchases, so that if you wanted to add something to an existing outfit to see what it would look like (e.g. a new watch or pair of shoes), then having the ability to do that. It could even use measurements that you provide such as height, weight and combinations of images when creating an account to provide a realistic and accurate digital representation of the user!

Name one thing you can't live without (on the internet)?

Social media, because it allows me to keep in contact with anyone at any time, quickly and for free.

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