5 Top Tips for a Great Website


There are over 1 billion websites live on the web today, so having a great looking website that performs well is imperative. Your website may be the only way your customers interact with your business and therefore needs to stand out from the masses and draw visitors back time and time again! Take a look at our top tips for owning an effective website below.

1. Purpose

Having a clear and simple message that can be understood quickly will encourage visitors to engage with your website, as they’ll quickly understand what services you are providing. Knowing what you want your website to achieve and tailoring it around this will result in a better experience for your target market. Keeping content brief but informative will benefit not only your users but also your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), as search engines crawl your website to determine if you are providing valuable and unique information. 

2. Appearance

Your website is often the first impression people have of your brand, and sometimes is the only point of contact people have with your business. Ensuring you have consistent branding throughout your website that compliments your values and is tailored towards your target market will encourage the right kind of users to engage with your content and often will increase trust. A simple, but well thought out design, effective copy and colours that stand out will help to ensure your customers can navigate to where they need to go quickly and effectively.

3. Photography & Illustration

Good quality photography can make or break a great website design. Investing in a super sleek website and then filling it with low resolution, uninspiring images or generic images can result in your website looking unprofessional and mundane. Investing in professional photography or beautiful stock images can dramatically improve the 'look and feel'. Equally, well thought out illustrations created to match your brand and story can elevate your website to yet another level.

4. Navigation

Ensuring your website is well-structured can be easy to overlook when creating content for a website. Navigation that flows clearly and logically throughout the website should lead visitors to the relevant areas of your site with as few clicks as possible, and leave visitors satisfied with the time spent on-site. Adding 'deep links' to subsections in your content can improve the usability of your navigation whilst keeping it organised and sleek at the same time.

5. Responsive

Ensuring your website works across all platforms and screen sizes is imperative, as more people than ever are viewing websites on mobile devices. In fact, over 51% of all online traffic comes from smartphones and 12% from tablets, both of which are growing in numbers. This emphasises the importance of having a website that adapts to the users' device to ensures they have a positive experience on your page.

If you are wondering if your website could do with a refresh or are looking for an effective website for your new business, contact us today to see how we can help.

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