5 Top Tips for Successful Email Marketing


Delivering email campaigns can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but by following some simple points you’ll be on the road to success in no time!

1. Subject Lines

The subject line is the first thing your customers will see when your email pops up and will often be the deciding factor in whether the email is opened or deleted. Be sure to create a subject line that piques the recipients’ curiosity, whether that’s with a clever caption that lures people in to find out more, or with an offer or voucher. Personalising the subject line with the recipient’s name has also been proven to increase open rates.

2. Copy

Keep your copy to a few short paragraphs and use easy to understand language to get your message across quickly. If you overload the recipient with too much information, they are likely to lose interest and move onto the next email in their inbox. If you do need to include more information about a product or service, think about using a short snippet of text and adding a link or button to read more so the recipient can decide if they want to spend more time on it.

3. Layout

A simple and clean layout that flows well, using a few images to support your copy will engage users. Be mindful not to use too many images though, as some email providers block images or may think your email is spam. The layout needs to be easy for readers to scan through as they decide if it interests them, so thinking about the structure of your email is key to keeping someone reading and engaging with your content for longer.

4. Content

Make sure your emails are actually interesting and relevant to your subscribers. By providing them with valuable content, they will keep reading your emails and keep your business in their minds. Whether you are sending out industry news, marketing information or updates on your company, be sure to do this regularly so you don’t drop off peoples' radars, but obviously not too often to that it becomes irritating. 

5. Mobile Friendly

As we have spoken about before, creating a mobile-friendly email design is imperative as over 85% of adults use a smartphone and a large number of them would access their emails on it. If the email doesn’t display properly on a phone, they may well skip past it or delete it all together.

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