Andrii Sokol joins the team!


We’re delighted to welcome Andrii to the development team at 360! Andrii is passionate about solving problems and crafting user-friendly web solutions. 

How long have you been coding, and what do you enjoy about it?

I've been dabbling in programming since my childhood. I started with Basic on a ZX Spectrum that we had at home, where I wrote simple programs. From there, I transitioned to Pascal and explored a wide range of languages in university, from assembly to C++.

What I particularly love about coding is solving intricate problems, especially in various forms of automation. Additionally, I have a passion for crafting creative, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly web solutions that resonate with users. Receiving positive feedback always serves as a motivating factor for me.

What upcoming trends or changes do you see for the web in 2023/2024?

The foremost trend will undoubtedly be the expansion of everything AI-related, ranging from chatbots and content generation to personalised web design and enhanced web accessibility.

The trend of responsive site design will continue its dominance, ensuring web experiences are seamless across devices.

Additionally even more sites and web solutions using Dark Mode. Ensuring comfortable digital consumption during all hours. Well, it looks like the web's future is so bright with innovations, we might just need to wear sunglasses, even in Dark Mode!

Do you have any favourite websites?

It's hard to pinpoint a single favourite. Occasionally, I enjoy browsing the 'Sites Of The Day' on Awwwards for inspiration, but more often than not, I find myself on StackOverflow

PC or Mac?

It doesn't really matter to me; it depends on the task at hand.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Like many, I cherish moments spent with friends. These days, I especially value peace and fresh air. I regularly go swimming. In what feels like a past life, I was deeply passionate about music and played the drums in various bands.


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