Are you losing out on key marketing data?


Does your website include a contact form? If not, it may be beneficial to include one on your contact page alongside or in place of direct contact details such as your email address. The data you could be collecting from each enquiry can be invaluable in understanding more about your existing or potential customers and how successful your marketing endeavours are.

As well as including your typical input fields such as name, phone number, email and message, if you operate a business-to-business (B2B) enterprise, adding additional questions such as business name, sector, nature of enquiry and how they heard about your company can provide high-quality data to analyse. Knowing the business name and sector of interested parties can help to pinpoint which industries generate the most interest in your business and also highlight the business type and size that may be best to target. You may also be able to ascertain whether you are reaching a local/national/international market successfully, depending on what your marketing goals are. 

A 'nature of enquiry' field not only helps with filtering emails to the right people in your business, since a form can be tailored to send to different email addresses, but it can also help keep track of what potential clients are most interested in or struggle with on your website. For example, if the nature of most enquiries is for more information about a product or service, it may highlight that your website needs to be updated to provide that information to the customer. 

Understanding how a visitor heard about your business is perhaps the most important question to ask and can instantly provide feedback on which of your marketing endeavours are working and which need more attention. For example, if most users answer 'Word of mouth', it might highlight the need to re-evaluate whether people can find your website in the search engine results using the right keywords. This kind of 'organic' interest can boost traffic to your website exponentially if you are successful in obtaining it.

A contact form also allows you to invite visitors to subscribe to future communications and even to segment those visitors by allowing them to select which communications or subjects interest them most. This data can then be used to send out targetted marketing communications, such as email newsletters or offers to increase sales and traffic.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about how you can capture more data from your website visitors, get in touch today.

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