Don Paplauskas joins the team!


We’re pleased to welcome Don to 360 as he joins the development team! We've asked Don a few questions to help us all get to know him a little better.

How long have you been coding and what do you enjoy about it?

I actually got into coding from a very young age, I believe it's been around 7 years now. Coding can be very methodical but can also have a lot of technical freedom which results in so many different ways of approaching a problem. That's what makes it fun for me - figuring out the best solution!

What upcoming trends or changes do you see for the web in 2021?

I can honestly see WebAssembly making some waves in 2021. It could result in some very snappy web apps!

Do you have any favourite websites?

As a coder, I feel like I have to pay my dues and say StackOverflow.

PC or Mac?

Ooh that's an interesting one. I actually really enjoy working on both platforms, although at the moment I'm on PC.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I like to spend my free time either in the gym or working on my car, I feel like it gives me the ability to scratch that engineering itch.

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