‘LEGO Life’ - A New Social Network for Kids


Danish company LEGO have propelled their already vast subculture into a new arena with the launch of LEGO Life - a brand new social network aimed specifically at children under 13 years old that are too young to own a Facebook account. LEGO Life adopts a Pinterest style layout and allows kids to share their creations, follow their favourite themes and characters and take on building and quiz challenges.

Following the spectacular flop of LEGO Universe – a kid-friendly multiplayer game similar to Minecraft – LEGO have dusted themselves off and are having another attempt at conquering the world of online platforms. This time round, the focus is on encouraging and inspiring children in their off-screen playtime, whilst providing a safe environment to start to interact online.

“LEGO Life provides the platform where kids and tweens can take their LEGO creations and stories and give them the audience they deserve” Rob Lowe, Head of LEGO Life

LEGO also believe the new platform will give parents confidence to educate their children about the digital world in a safe environment whilst helping to establish healthy habits, such as managing passwords, watching out for cyberbulling and limiting their time online.

The LEGO Life app is available on iOS and Android.

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