Top 10 Web Statistics in 2019


Stat #1: There are over 1.94 billion websites in the world

In addition to that, since most websites have more than one page, there are at least 4.46 billion published web pages. That's plenty to share round the estimated 4.2 billion users accessing the web, which is just over half the population of the Earth!

Source: Internet World Stats


Stat #2: 270 billion emails are sent every day

Astonishingly, 81% of these are spam emails; most being sent out using automated software. That equates to around 200 billion unwanted emails a day... none of which are sent by humans! The first recorded spam email was in 1978, when a company was trying to sell a computer to 600 people.

Source: Email Statistics Report, The Radicati Group, Inc.


Stat #3: The most expensive domain name sold for $90 million was sold in 2005 for $90 million and is registered until 2040. Other extravagantly priced domain name sales include, which sold for $49.7 million in 2010, and, which also sold in 2010 for $35.6million.



Stat #4: China has the most active web users at around 802,000,000

China's population is currently around 1.4 billion people, which means over half of their population access the web. The US has the second highest number of active users at 320,059,368, followed by Russia with 109,552,842.

Sources: Asia Usage, IWS | North America Usage, IWS | Europe Usage, IWS

Stat #5: Google has over 3.5 billion search queries a day worldwide

Of those 3.5 billion searches, 15% are new queries that have never been searched for on Google before. Every query has to travel an average of around 1,500 miles to reach a data centre and return back to you with your answer. All this is performed in just 0.2 seconds on average, using an estimated 1,000 computers in the process!

Source: Internet Live Stats


Stat #6: Over half of all web traffic isn’t created by humans

The majority of web traffic is actually taken up by automated programs, or 'bots' as they are often called. Some of these bots are innocuous and perform tasks such as crawling websites to keep search engine indices up-to-date, but others can be malicious, such as spambots, viruses and even scrapers that attempt to steal information from websites.

Source: Voluum Blog


Stat #7: Over 23 billion devices are connected to the web

This statistic includes the more obvious technology, such as smartphones, computers, tablets, routers and smartwatches, as well as the more hidden devices, such as servers, hotspots, smart speakers, fridges and even microwaves and wall clocks. This figure equates to almost 4 devices per person on the planet! Have you ever counted how many devices are connected to the internet in your home?

Source: Statista


Stat #8: 300 videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute

YouTube has been extremely popular for a long time, but uploads are still soaring driven by the income and fame that becoming a famous vlogger can bring. From video game streamers, beauty vloggers, reaction vloggers, comedians and tech reviewers, everyone wants their five minutes of fame, and this is one way to try and get it!

Source: Omnicore Agency


Stat #9: The Internet requires 50 million horsepower to run

That equates to the same amount of energy required to power around 500,000 of cars! For real power enthusiasts, that's the same as almost 42,000 Bugatti Veyron’s, 33,333 M1 Abrams tanks or 188 Boeing 737 aeroplanes.

Source: NPR


Stat #10: Facebook has 2.3 billion monthly active users

Of the 2.3 billion total users, 1.5 billion use Facebook every day. Considering there are 7.5 billion people in the world - that's a lot of people using one social media platform! It's not just the total number of Facebook users that's staggering, but also the demographics too, with a reported 81% of 18-29 year olds worldwide being Facebook users.

Source: Statista | Sprout Social
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