Foldable screens: What this means for web design

Foldable smartphones have been making their way onto the market since 2018. With the increased screen size, it brings new opportunities and challenges for web designers learning how to work with this new technology.


What are the most valuable types of social media content?

The key to social media success is providing content with value to the user. This month we take a look at the best types of content you can post to boost engagement.


When is the best time to send an email during lockdown?

Many studies over the years have shown that sending out email campaigns at 10am works well for obtaining higher open rates, but has this changed now many of us are working from home?


Our favourite working from home resources

With more people working from home than ever before, we’ve listed some popular tools to help boost productivity and potentially alleviate some stress as well!


How does a content strategy compare to an SEO strategy?

The phrase ‘content strategy’ is not a new term in online marketing. This month we look at what a content strategy is, how it differs from an SEO strategy and how both offer great potential to ensure your website is successful.


Eye tracking: How do we read online?

Understanding how our eyes track when we consume information is incredibly useful in ensuring the way you present content is as effective as possible. In this month’s feature, we've explained some of the principal reading patterns so you can ensure your website is working as hard for you as possible.


360 Launch New Website for Camilla Hurst Art

360 are proud to announce the launch of a new website for Camilla Hurst Art, a Kent based artist who specialises in pet portraits and intricate line drawings.


Help keep your kids entertained during the lockdown

We know that trying to keep kids entertained isn’t easy at the best of time, but now we find ourselves trying to do this without leaving the house. We’ve found five resources which could help pass some time in a productive way.